“Billions of individuals, millions of kinds of plants and animals, dazzling in their variety and richness, working together to benefit from the energy of the sun and minerals from the earth, leading lives that interlock in such a way that they sustain each other… We rely entirely on this life-support machine. And it relies entirely on its biodiversity to run smoothly. Destroying biodiversity will lead to a place in which we cannot live.”

– Sir David Attenborough.

Destroying biodiversity has also destroyed the critical mechanisms for stabilising our climate. Dangerous tipping points are already being breached, so there are three critically urgent priorities:

1. Stop pouring greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere

2. Drawn down the excess and put in back underground; restoring biodiversity is the best way to do this

3. Prepare to live in a world with a rapidly changing climate; restoring biodiversity will buffer us from the worst impacts

We can do this. And we can thrive. But it requires a different way of thinking. It requires innovation.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Eintein

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