What you can do to help yourself, your whanau, and

Not everyone can afford to drive an EV, but everyone can do something to reduce the impacts of climate change. Before buying a product or a service, find out what they’re doing to reduce the impacts of climate change. In some cases, you can pay a little more to offset your own actions. Fr example, when flying Air New Zealand, you are given the option of paying a few extra dollars to offset your carbon emissions. Your money goes to planting permanent native forests, so you are also helping to improve biodiversity.

For businesses and groups:

Measuring and offsetting your carbon emissions

If you think of carbon as money, then we’re spending far to much.

Not all carbon credits are equal. Investing in pine forests might make you some money from carbon trading, but that means less land for native plants and animals. Natives forests, wetlands, and grasslands provide us with free ecosystem services that we need to reduce the impacts of climate change, and also store more carbon in the soil. When buying carbon credits to offset your emissions, pick those that

  • Ekos: measures and helps businesses and individuals offset carbon emissions by supporting the growth and protection of permanent indigenous forests in Aotearoa and the Pacific Islands.
  • Toitu Envirocare:
  • Toitu household and travel calculators